Word Count: 1268

Fandom: Soul Eater

Pairing: Croma (Maka x Crona)

Warnings: panic/anxiety attack

Story idea submitted by:

A/N: So I put out that post about making the fics based on idea and/or songs you guys sent me and this person sent me a super awesome Croma (or whatever the fuck the name of this ship is called) prompt that basically had Crona helping Maka get through a mental breakdown of sorts. I tried to come up with a cute and witty title but failed. Thanks for reading and I’m still accepting prompts. Details about sending in prompts are on the link below. Feel free to send in as many prompts as you like and I hope you enjoy the fic!



“Maka are you sure you don’t wanna come to the park with us?,” Soul called over his shoulder. He was going to meet Kid and Black Star at the park for a little basket ball.

“Sorry Soul but I’ve really gotta study for this test,” Maka replied not looking up from her textbook.

“You know you’re gonna kick ass,” Soul said. Maka always got like this before a big exam, he was afraid she was gonna study herself to death.

“I can’t just assume that,” Maka said looking up and glaring at the white haired boy, “plus this exam is on the history of the DWMA, that’s a lot of history and the test is tomorrow!”

“Fine, just don’t work too hard,” Soul said as he was walking out the door “I’ll be back before 9.”

“Have fun,” Maka mumbled, already absorbed in her studies again. Soul just rolled his eyes and left. With the apartment quiet Maka took a deep breath, and dug into another book.

—- A few hours later—-

Maka had just shut her last book. The clock showed 9:30pm, Soul had called saying that he was going to stay the night at Black Star’s which left Maka relieved. Studying always left her a little drained and she wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed and sleep. She had just put on her pajamas when the phone rang.

“Maka Albarn,” She said into the phone.

“Hello Maka, it’s Ms. Marie,” The bubbly blonde chirped, “Sorry to call so late but I’m calling all the students to inform them that the subject of the exam has been changed.”

“Ch-changed?” Maka stuttered out her heart beat faltering for a second.

“Yes,” Marie replied sounding slightly sad, “a student got a hold of the answers sheet and since I don’t know who I’ve just decided to change the test! It’s now going to be on the fundamentals of witch spells and will not be as large of a grade though it will still be important so I expect your A-game.”

Maka didn’t reply. She just simply hung up the phone and stared at her shaking hands. The fundamentals of witch spells. She knew next to nothing about witches. Maka sunk to the floor and glanced at the clock, 9:45. She had to be up and ready for school in 9 hours and 15 minutes but also knew she wouldn’t be able to properly do the test on less than 8 hours of sleep so that left an hour and 15 minutes to find information. Blair was out doing god knows what with the fish seller, the library would be closed this  late, the internet wouldn’t have anything that could even be considered painting witches in a good light! She let her head fall on to her knees and began to cry out of frustration.

Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Maka didn’t know how much time had passed when there was a light knock at the door.

“Maka?” A small voice said from behind the door, “Are you in there, I know it’s late but I found this really great book that I thought you’d like.”

Crona. The last person she wanted to see her like this was Crona but she couldn’t get up, she was shaking like a leaf. She tried to stifle a sob but not well enough because as soon as it left her mouth the door burst open.

“Maka are you alright?” Crona said, tossing a book on the couch and running over to her.

Maka could only shake her head no, the motion barely detectable because of the tremors running through her body. Crona was running his eyes over her trying to think of something, anything that could help Maka. Suddenly he remembered something Ms. Marie did one time he had a panic attack while he was with her. Crona sat next to Maka and using all the strength he could he hoisted her into his lap and hugged her as tight as he could, burying his head in her hair.

Maka slowly felt herself being pulled from the ocean of anxiety and panic that had swallowed her up. As her heart beat slowed down to a normal pace she could hear Crona muttering soothing words into her hair. When Maka had completely calmed down Crona loosened his grip on her enough to where she could get out off of him if she wanted to, oddly enough, she didn’t move.

“You wanna talk about what happened?” Crona asked softly, a faint blush painting his cheeks as he realized just how close Maka was to him.

“Ms. Marie changed the subject of the test I’d been studying like crazy for to a subject I know nothing about,” Maka mumbled, her hands beginning to shake again.

Noticing this Crona tightened his hold on her again. He understood immediately, he knew how seriously Maka took her studies. Unfortunately he was nearly close to Maka’s level of studies so he had no idea what the subject was.

“What was the subject changed to?” Crona inquired, “Maybe I could help.”

“The fundamentals of witch spells,” Maka muttered bitterly.

“I know about witch spells!” Crona exclaimed, his voice much louder than usual due the excitement of being able to help Maka, “Medusa used to take me to a bunch of witch meeting where I could see all the spells being cast, I could give you a quick lesson if you like.”

“You’d do that?” Maka said, looking up at the boy. Her eyes red and glassy due to the tears.

“Of course Maka I love y- helping you! I love helping you.” Crone replied, quickly saving himself from making him seem like an idiot.

Maka threw her arms around the boys neck making the blush reappear on his cheeks with a vengeance. She quickly glanced at the clock, 10:30. If Crona could explain things to her in an hour and a half she could get she could still get six solid hours of sleep, not preferred but better than no sleep she supposed. Maka slowly got up from Crona’s lap, her legs feeling like jelly. She thought she’d fall but Crona quickly looped an arm around her waist and led her to the couch.

—- an hour later—-

Crona was just heading for the door after Maka had assured him for the third time that she was gonna be fine. They had gone over all the key and crucial points of witch magic until Maka felt she had enough information to get a decent grade on the test.

“Thanks again Crona,” Maka said, leaning against the door frame, “I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t showed up.”

“It was no problem,” Crona replied, rubbing his arm sheepishly, “I should go home now, it’s kinda late.”

“You’re right!” Maka said, straightening up off the door frame and getting ready to close it.

“Good night Maka,” Crona said with his head down. Maka opened the door just a bit so she could lean out and give Crona a quick kiss in the cheek.

“Night, Crona,” she said with a smile as she closed the door.

Crona slowly moved his hand up to the cheek that Maka kissed, he felt the ghost touch of her lips.He simply stood there for what felt like ages until Ragnarok pulled him out of his love drunk stupor.

“Come on Romeo,” He said irritably, “I wanna get home before the sun comes up!”

Crona happily sighed and started the trek back home, a smile on his face the whole way.